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Lights crafted in Thessaloniki’s
Industrial area.


+302310 798573

Industrial Area of, Sindos – 570 22, Greece

Our workshop is a hub of innovation

Our workshop is a hub of innovation, nestled in a Bauhaus-inspired environment, and our workspace is nothing short of a modern marvel. This is where we take the sparks of creativity and forge them into radiant masterpieces. Our workshop is a sanctuary of ideas and inspiration, housing a collection of tools and parts that allow us to experiment, innovate, and breathe life into the most unique projects.

As we strive to illuminate the world, Thessaloniki provides the perfect backdrop for our artistic journey. We’re not just crafting lights; we’re shaping the essence of your space with a touch of local and international brilliance. Join us on this captivating journey, and let’s create a luminous masterpiece together.